1514 Illinois Street
Orlando, FL 32803

Fax: 407-897-6742


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With approximately 12,000 Realtors licensed in the Greater Orlando area from which to choose, the majority of Mike Trexler's agents come with prior residential and commercial construction, remodeling, new and resale home experience! Combine this with their zest for marketing and creative computer talents gives them ‘the edge' when it comes to selecting THE Realtor to assist you in the purchase or sale of a home!

"With a nautically-themed real estate office, it was natural to call them MY CREW as I've never worked with such a group of people with such passion, enthusiasm, creativity and teamwork! So, please rely on my Crew to help you navigate through an exciting ocean of real estate opportunities in the Greater Orlando area!" ……Mike Trexler/Broker.

Mike Trexler
Captain Broker/Owner
Rick Moore
Co-Captain Owner/Realtor
Marty Gutierrez Susan Clark Caroline
    Earl K. Wood



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